Who is ditching their shiny disc spinners?

I want to upgrade my digital side … (currently Bluesound Vault 2i feeding the DAC of Oppo 105) … plan to spend around $2k … since I’ve ripped all my CDs to the Vault, thinking of spending it all on a DAC, and retire/sell the Oppo while it still has some value. I do have a few older CDPs I could retain as backup, but not sure why I would ever need.

Alternatively, was considering a better combined CDP/DAC like a newer Marantz or Yamaha … upgrades DAC performance some, and a reliable spinner for quite a few more years … but I have very few SACDs, so feeling like this would be the tail wagging the dog.

In what direction have you been migrating?
As with the LPs, I have retained about 100 high quality audiophile import CDs that would be hard to replace. Even so, I listen to the music as downloaded in my iMac. Played via Roon, I believe that the download sounds better. It's just a matter of time until I dump the CDs as I am extremely pleased with my RME DAC. 
I have the same music server and I ripped all 175 of my CD collection and with help from Bluesound transferred it to my laptop with the corrections to digital data the Vault 2i did. I rearranged my library into folders, one for each composer and in alphabetical order, because the 2i lists by "songs" and "artists" whoever ever might be listed as the performer and since I never listen to pop music the way the 2i files it so does not work for me. I connected the 2i to a vintage MSB Platinum but I kept my Oppo SACD player for a small collection of SACS's that are 5 channel because there is no other way to play 5 channels other than the 5 RCA outputs of a disc player.
If you no longer need your cd's and plan to buy no more, sell the Oppo and invest in the best dac/streamer you can find.  However the Oppo is a respectable and reliable CD/SACD/DVD-Audio/DVD-video) player and might be worth keeping it.  Currently still sells around $850.  Personal choice.  Personally, I have such a large CD/SACD collection that I will never transfer them, so it is a no-brainer in the other direction.
I have only heard Streamers as a Source in the Systems of others.
The systems I have heard them in are able to play both Vinyl and CD as a Source.
I have heard a Streamer with a Value of £5000 in a system worth approx'
£100 000 and compared it to a Vinyl Source during the demonstration.
The systems in use are a result of a long term commitment and built up with the intention of being an end game collection.

In a few Systems I have heard various DAC's in use for comparisons, with the purpose of creating A/B demonstrations within the local HiFi Group.
DAC > Streamer, DAC > CD and Vinyl are used to compare the Music Selected.

Note:  All demonstrations are short duration so the observations will usually show the obvious differences and assist with showing a Source that is the most attractive at that present time.

To date I have not discovered a Streamer as a Source that offer the positive impression and Sound Quality a CD or Vinyl Source can offer.

I have selected a PS Audio Memory Player > DAC  for my Digital Media replays.

Beyond the personal experiences I have with listening to a Streamer as Source, I do not see any reason not to incorporate one into a System, there is a vast access to music at ones finger tips, that can be replayed at acceptable sound qualities for listening to music in general.

Being the cheapskate that I can be I accept an even more diminished SQ and use Alexa for the same experience, having an abundance of music available with ease of accessibility.

A visit to a Thread  'what Vinyl / CD are you playing' will allow Alexa to show the adeptness at retrieving the Artist to be auditioned.
Using Alexa has helped myself produce a substantial list of Artists to investigate and a lengthy shortlist of Albums to seek out.
This as a method does help with allowing a particular Album to be searched out and discovered at a satisfying discounted price. 

Also which is quite cool, and having grown up a Trekkie' Fan.
The Computer that was produced that evolved into Alexa was designed by a Cambridge University Educated Individual who wanted to produce a design that enabled an interaction in the same way the interactions are seen on Star Trek.
I wonder when Branson, Bezos and Musk will be offering Warp Speed Travel.  

I have about 3500 CD’s/SACD’s, a fair number of them containing music available in no other format. "It’s all about the music" may be an audiophile cliche, but to me it’s truth. They are just as valued by me as are my equal number of LP's.