Who is excited about Capital Audiofest 2023?

I find I am largely ambivalent and not sure if I will go or not.  It’s a nice event and I go most every year but looks like mostly more of the same old same old.   Are these shows really keeping up with the times? Anything really groundbreaking there to see or hear?  I wonder.   Might go tomorrow.   We will see 


Geez, can’t believe I forgot!  Since I’m a bit of a Triode Wire Labs fan-boy, I had to visit my friend Pete Grzybowski.  He was showing his cables with Living Voice speakers and Border Patrol amp and DAC.  This was one of my favorite rooms, showing what can be done for a reasonable price (vs. all the 6 and 7 figure systems - some of them really did sound amazing, but it would be criminal if they didn’t).

Oops!! I didn’t realize those speakers were over $40k; thought they were more like the Border Patrol stuff re price.  Regardless, very nice room!



If you take a listen to the Arion Audio Apollo 12 speakers I would like your take on them since they are a similar design to your Line Forces. I was there yesterday and listened to them. The way they are set-up you will only be able to hear their capabilities from the front row center seat IMHO.

I will pop out the decibel sound meter app on my iPhone to get a quick visual and that often helps explain differences I hear room to room quite a lot.

So the sound level is the only possible difference in sound between rooms? 🤦‍♂️😳🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


I was at the show the whole day but I saw no people pulling their decibel meters out of their pockets or oscilloscopes.


I am enjoying the show.  I like the custom Deja Vu horn system and the horn system that Viva has introduced to this country at this show.  Both horn systems are free of the roughness and nasal coloration associated with horn systems.  Overall, I liked these systems the most, although both are pricey.

I was also extremely impressed with the Pure Audio Project Trio speaker/Pass 
integrated system.  The speakers are open baffle speakers with twin woofers and a midrange/tweeter coaxial drive in between the woofers. This is the kind of clear, yet not thin and bright sound I like, with a very natural sounding attack and decay of note.  I prefer a little more warmth and “weight” but these are fantastic speakers.  The BIG shock to me was the $8450 price (if I recall correctly).  If they had said $35,000, I would have said “not bad,” but the quoted price left me speechless.  I cannot recall the name of the speaker cables (very thin and wide ribbon-type cables but they must be very good to let this kind of sound through, and I was quoted $900, again, a bargain.