Who is Gonna Buy A New Jeep Grand Wagoneer For the MacIntosh Stereo?

Not I, Just wondering.


Those blue meters are very seductive. Over the last thirty or so (since I could afford them) I have gone in to a dealership determined to buy a MacIntosh component… and every time left just as quickly reminding me that it was sound that was important, not the looks. Many people love the sound, i am not one of them. Maybe a good pairing with a Wagoneer… loved the looks… went running from the performance.

For some reason, whenever a hifi company starts making speakers for cars (a Jeep, no less). their reputation is a stake. I'm not attracted to it at all and that's NOT going to be changing my mind to purchase one. Hmmm, let's see Pass Labs in Cadillacs?? Not!

Do not drive Stellantis if you are allergic to Stellantis or any of its components. Tell your mechanic about all the vehicles that you drive. Stellantis is not for everyone. Accidents, including fatal accidents, have occurred.

I bought my car for Bowers and Wilkins system. I love the sound of it. It makes my commute desirable. It is a very good system. If McIntosh in Jeep really good, some people definitely will choose. But I wouldn’t buy Jeep, no matter what stereo they put in it. They very problematic Italian cars.