Who is Harry Nillson

And why is everybody talk in' about him. The best documentary I've ever seen. One of the best musicians this country has ever produced hands down. I just watched this for the first time today. I won't go In to details but would say that whether you know who Harry is or not, you owe it to yourself to watch this movie. Especially the younger generation. Its sad but its life. If you're familiar with Harry you will laugh and cry through this. The guy was just an amazing talent. Absolutely amazing.
You might check out "The Point" an animated film built on a Nillson concept album of the same name. I haven't seen it in decades, and I have no ideas whether it's still available, but I seem to recall admiring the music and the creativity of the filmmaking.


PS I also distinctly recall that my mom loved the song "Without You" (from the album Nillson Schmillson) when she was usually horrified by the LOUD music coming from my room. I think it gave her hope about my future.
I agree. Excellent documentary. I thought I knew quite a bit about Harry, but learned much more.

Highly recommended!
I've long been a fan of Harry Nillson. He also paled around with John Lennon in Lennons' wilder days.

The title of this doc. reminds me of a film my late father took me to see years ago called "Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?" which left me amazed and uncertain of what I had just viewed on the big screen. A flawed experiment for Dustin Hoffman for certain.

Harry Nillson was certainly a unique talent

Did you know that Cass Elliot and Keith Moon both died in Harry's flat in London? Years apart but in the same room. After Keith died he was so upset he sold it to Pete Townshend.
I really enjoyed the Nillson documentary as well. Believe it's available on Netflix streaming.