Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever

I say Jewel and Debbie Harry.
I gotta tell you, John_1, if you've ever seen Cecilia Bartoli sing in person, you'd probably think differenly about her. One word--freaky. I must publicly note, however, that I think that this post is ridiculous. We really need to stop judging all of a woman's other values after the way that she looks. Besides, most of us, or at least many of us, listen to two channel hi-fi systems. What does a person's appearance matter in this circumstance? Go ahead and tell me that, no matter what I do, many men will continue to judge women by their physical appearances, just as many women will judge men by their money. That won't stop me. I will fight on!
to Kurtisjeffers......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA........get over it mamas boy! lololol
The ones that look the best seldom have the talent. Some look hot but artificial. Last month I caught part of a show on Austin City Limits with Shelby Lynne. Talented, sexy and real, she gets my vote. Last year my Lucinda Williams and Macy Gray both spent much time on my CD, so I guess its not all about looks. Recently Kelly Hogan has become a habit, dont know what she looks like but really love this disc.