Who is still making CD transports?

I see that you are still able to buy pure CD players from Yamaha, Denon, etc. But what about transports in smaller quantities, I'm curious where and who is still making them?

I am primarily computer as source but at the rate that I buy CDs sometimes it's nice to just pop a CD in and listen to it the minute it comes in the mail. On another primarily audiophile music forum I'm on more people still listen to discs over digital rips/downloads so I think the demand is still there for CD transports.
Cyrus, Bel Canto, Primare...

Schiit are rumored to have one in the works, too.
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I made a mistake in my post, what I mean is the actual transport mechanism itself if one was looking to manufacture a CD transport.
Apparently Denon/Marantz are making CD transports, because that is who is making the transport mechanism for the soon to ship PS Audio CD SACD transport. 
Audio Note in the UK continues building remarkable CD players. Here's their web info - www.audionote.co.uk