Who is the best classical pianist alive?

Who would you choose as the best classical pianist alive. Mi list include:

Perahia, Zimmerman, Kissin, Ashkenazy, Pletnev, Pollini, Argerich, etc.

But you can add more to this list.

I leaning towards Pollini as the best today. Do you think there is a better one?
Perahia, Zimmerman, Kissin, Ashkenazy, Pletnev, Pollini, Argerich, They all made their mark in the music world interpreting the giants of the keyboard. To pick which one is the best, would be like picking the most beautiful girl at the playboy mansion? Than again I would not mind being asked to do that.....
Why always this puberty like best - fastest - highest? This may work in sports but never in art!!
I agree to your above list but I think the following are missing: Hélène Grimaud, Lang Lang, Volodos, Uchida, Brendel, Hough, Lewis.......and some more.
Whether Pollini is the best depends on the music - f.e. NOBODY plays the Schumann concerto like Grimaud and NOBODY plays Tschaikowsky 1st like Lang Lang. The question if this is THE BEST is obsolete because as I said above - art is above such measures.