Who is the WORST Audio Shop?

There seems to have been quite a bit written over the past several years regarding the myriad of reasons one can attribute to the demise of the brick and mortar audio shop. Rarely have I read however one of the most obvious reasons, which based on my experience, has got to be the simple fact that for the most part, they just didn't offer a high end listening experience. That, along with an elitist and careless attitude towards customer service, buried them as much as anything else. So here's my question. Who is the WORST audio shop/dealer you've ever encountered?

Thanks for the tip...my sister lives in Stuy Town. Next time I visit I'll drop into that shop!
Audio Advisor banned me because I sent a couple items back for a refund. One of the items was actually defective. So much for there money back guarantee.


It was only the 2 returns!

I still contend that they have me mixed up with someone else. I talked directly to the then Sales Manger who said that I also call and speak to there sales staff and then don't buy anything.
Just like CPT and Teo?  See the pattern?
Maybe 3 decades ago, I went to a place in Brooklyn (Innovative Audio?) that forced you to sit through a contrived one hour demo so as to shove Lyn Sondek tables up your posterior cavity and referred to VPI as Very Poor Imitation. 

I never went back. 

I bought a VPI. 
I may have an eBay seller to nominate for worst, most dishonest ever. I'll let you know soon.