Who is the WORST Audio Shop?

There seems to have been quite a bit written over the past several years regarding the myriad of reasons one can attribute to the demise of the brick and mortar audio shop. Rarely have I read however one of the most obvious reasons, which based on my experience, has got to be the simple fact that for the most part, they just didn't offer a high end listening experience. That, along with an elitist and careless attitude towards customer service, buried them as much as anything else. So here's my question. Who is the WORST audio shop/dealer you've ever encountered?
The gear is beautiful looking and sounding.  They don't negotiate price either. Lol
A VERY good dealer is Natural Sound in Framingham, Mass. They have a very enticing list of equipment offerings available and they are quite easy to work with.
Back to JS Audio in Bethesda, MD... I've had wonderful experience with them.  Over some years, bought three sets of Wilson speakers, a High End sub, a top Ayre DAC.  They came to the house and packed up my WP7 speakers taken in trade to deliver and set up the Sasha's. I've since moved to Sarasota so they drop shipped my latest Wilsons and came down to pack up the traded speakers and set up the new.  All at fair, read discounted, prices.  Joe is a unique personality which could be considered abrupt if you don't know him.  He's a good dealer, knows his business and takes cake of his customers.  I note in reading this blog that folks seem to have the most issues in very affluent areas, where potential customers have and spend for larger purchases.  If you are in the business of selling big ticket stuff it's difficult to deal with the curious who could never afford to buy those items.  There are ways to be polite to everyone and maybe give them a peek at the aspirational products... you never can tell who has or will come into some cash.