Who listens primarily to Redbook CD?

My primary (only, actually) source is a CEC TL5 Transport feeding an Audio Note Kit 1.1 NOS DAC through a Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme AES/EBU digital cable. They are both decked out with CT GE power cords, Synergistic Research Quantum Black fuses, Herbie's Audio Lab Tenderfeet isolation footers, plus other misc. tweaks.

Sounds great, and I have very little desire to add another source. Pretty much all the music I want is available on CD, and is usually quite cheap. I hope to upgrade to an AN factory DAC (3.1x/II, or better, would be nice), and a Teo Audio liquid metal digital cable (I have their Game Changer ICs, and absolutely love them!) in the future.

Who else is happy with Redbook CD as their primary source?
Schiit Yggdrasil is a modern R2R ladder DAC that will play hi res PCM.
Uses a very accurate chip designed for military applications but adapted for music by Mike Moffet, the developer of the original stand alone DAC. It sounds way better than any sigma delta DAC that I ever heard (though I haven’t heard any of the super expensive ones.) See what Robert Harley has to say about the Yggdrasil in the current TAS. Seems I now have little use for my many SACDs because CD on the Yggy is spectacular.
I found that DVD players, even the inexpensive ones, often sounded better than some dedicated cd players did due to their (often) superior error correction, etc as needed to read DVDs.

You’ll find focal length and width distant is different for each. Look at the bottom of the graph.
Each is best for it’s own format/purpose.

Cheers George

I listen mostly to jazz and have over 1500 CDs and have until recently only listened to them through my Red Wine battery powered CD transport (into a Metrum NOS DAC). Ripping and serving from HD or SSD makes sense to me, from a downsizing perspective as well as the error correction you get from the rip (and some of my CDs are pretty old and well used so I'm sure that helps). So I have been experimenting with HQplayer on my laptop as a cheap first step in analyzing HD streaming over USB vs cd transport over BNC as the source. This setup allows me to try upsampling as well. First impressions: even without tricking out the source with USB reclockers, linear power supplies, etc I am getting excellent sound so it bodes well for moving to a dedicated music server. One surprise, I don't hear much if any benefit from upsampling though I have a lot more playing to do in that area. It's what makes this hobby so much fun!
One can't help wondering if copying an audio cassette would also result in a copy that sounded better than the original. Or is that just too crazy?
@tommylion thanks for the phtotos I always love looking in AN gear. So my AN Dac-3 Signature predates their use of that AMD chip and uses the PCM63K chip which is a multibit chip. For that reason, and the overall AN overbuilt power supply and robust design I feel my unit sounds fantastic. Cheers!