Who makes budget speaker cables which are truly “good” or “exceptional” in quality?

A dealer of mine convinced me into buying Analysis Plus speakers cables that I have enjoyed for a few years now. I noticed some other companies making speaker cables for many multiples of $1k and wondered how many truly good companies are making budget speaker cables nowadays? Who are they? What are the prices?  I had Blue Jean speaker cables some years back and thought they were as good as the Analysis Plus brand I have now. What is your brand? 
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I just ordered some silicone jacket 600 strand silver plated copper 12awg from Acer Racing in Los Angeles. $46.00 for two 10' lengths of single lead, one black, one red. They also have 1000 strand 10awg pure copper. Adequate? I will report back.
After some of the usual agonizing 😫 I just sprung for an Audioquest Carbon HDMI Cable for my new LG Smart HDTV and LG Blu Ray player. The Carbon has 5% silver connectors and controlled for directionality. Oh, my! The Carbon cost 5 times more than what I paid for the LG player, which was almost new. Was that wrong? 😳
Any quality cable of consistent construction and sufficient thickness will do.  The companies foisting 1K+ speaker cables are simply scammers.  On Audio Asylum someone was seriously recommending the purchase a machine that burns in speaker wire and interconnects, and determines the proper direction of hookup.  When I commented that it was counter to common sense I was vilified. 
I use Mogami 2921 in a biwire config for speaker wire for both my systems with quality copper banana BFAs. I also use Mogami 2549 with KLEI copper harmony RCAs or Furutech 126g RCAs. Take5 Audio or Douglas Connection built my RCAs and I got the 2921 bulk from a pro audio store and had my local stereo shop terminate it.

I would like to try the Clear Day cables.