Who makes budget speaker cables which are truly “good” or “exceptional” in quality?

A dealer of mine convinced me into buying Analysis Plus speakers cables that I have enjoyed for a few years now. I noticed some other companies making speaker cables for many multiples of $1k and wondered how many truly good companies are making budget speaker cables nowadays? Who are they? What are the prices?  I had Blue Jean speaker cables some years back and thought they were as good as the Analysis Plus brand I have now. What is your brand? 
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Thanks for the heads up on the cabledyne cables. Not a bad price for silver speaker cables. I emailed Ed Bowman and got an immediate response. I really wanted to try the Cerious cables but due to lack of communication with the owner I thought I would try pure silver cables.

You're very welcome. I'd try them myself but I can't used spades on my integrated due to the 5 way binding posts (can't get a decent grip) so bare ends and bananas are all I can use. 

Let us know how they work out. 👍

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Steven at Straightwire! Great customer service, honest and superb product. Endeavors to know you and your system and what you listen to. Always use them in future. 
I’ve come down off the ladder from Straightwire Cresendo to Clear Day and now Dueland 16g. tin stranded wire. 
Cables are a simple matter.  If you can hear a difference, you can then decide what you prefer and how much or how little you are willing to spend. 

If not, stick with Monoprice or the equivalent.

I once auditioned Magnepan 1.7's  at a high-end audio salon. The speaker cables they were using cost in excess of $5000.00.  The salesman told me "If you think this sounds good,  wait until you hear the $35,000 versions of these cables."