Who makes great active preamps ? Tube or solid state or hybrid.

It appears, it is not Pass, Rowland, even Lamm etc. Who then ? 
I heard about Ypsilon, though some say it is a little bright and forward sounding.
Thrax Audio Dionysis Pre. Sublime but big $$$.

And +1 Vincent for the money. SA-T8 Tube (as long as you roll in better tubes) & SA-94 Solid State.
MP-1 or MP-3  from Atma-Sphere you will never regret the purchase. It can stand hand in hand against those super heavily marketed companies out there.

The MP-1 is by far to me one of the very best, being in this hobby for 25 years heard and owned so many.

Zesto , they are phono stage specialists but their Leto Preamp is phenominal....  I mean perfect tonal balance, true to life  ...   everything you may read about them is true, incredible sounding preamp

If I were going for an active preamp, I would look into the Thomas Mayer 10Y.