who makes your fav cable loom in 2021?

hello all,

its that time again and there is a need for new wires. interconnects and speaker cables as I begin arranging a new system.

power cords should be addressed first IMO but they will have to wait a little while.

this time around I’ve decided to go with one maker rather than dive into the questionable sensebility of mixing and matching brands and or models of cables.

I’ve been out of the loop for a while so I’m asking the forum to share their eXP on who and what is around which doesn’t break the bank but does deliver the goods!

the current budget has set $1K to $2K per, for ICs and I’ll need two pair SE, and the speaker cable length is as yet still up in the air and depends on the final set up, but I’d prefer to keep the same brand and model there as the ICs probabgly.

I do not have a real issue with preowned cables but finding several of differing types though the same brand and model could be an issue… we’ll see I suppose.

FYI, Its an all tube powered, rig. Zanden amp, Thor line stage. it will be a digitally sourced streaming outfit albeit the front end is as yet one more question mark.

I am leaning towards the Aurolic G2.1 streamer and Bricasti DA. the jury however is not back with its verdict.

for the moment, the speakers are an easy IMP pr of JA Graphine Pulsars which also have a pr of SVS 3000 subs augmenting them.

Thank you all for your thoughts and insights.
Wireworld. Their low end stuff is pretty good value for money and fairly neutral. 

start with some basic, low cost, quality cabling and move from there

golden input. thanks a lot. makes perfect sense.

just remembered I have some older Audio art rCAs about.

I did buy a couple Audio Envy PCs and don’t think I’ll get more cables from there. not sonically errant, just not a very robust build quality.

Look at the Shunyata Research Venom line, or if budget allows, Delta.

THX. its astonishing how many brands I’ve used in the past have escaped my memory. I’ve used the Shunyata ’snakes’ PCs to great effect in past rigs.

my fav SR PC was the Taipan Helix Alpha. sweet cord indeed.

If you're looking at ICs, SCs, and PCs, I'd look at Triode Wire Labs.

you are echoing a friend of mine as you point to Triode. Thanks.

Wireworld. Their low end stuff is pretty good value for money and fairly neutral.

again, thanks for jogging the ‘ol memory banks.

my previous FAV main ICs were usually Synergistic Re of one sort or another. in fact today I still have 3 sets of their speaker cables in various levels of performance, active and static, bi wired and std.

with previous eXP Cardas, Nordost, and SR still have me inparting some confidence in these lines.

what is different now is the OMG lofty price levels even their midlevel ranges demand. WOW!

the Cardass further exasserbates things in my mind as thier various tiers of performance are confusing. clear? blue? beyond?

that said and from hearing them loom a couple rigs at past audio shows, they do interest me. as did, AQ cabling, oddly enough. i hearda Luxman & Magico A3 pairing wired front to back with aQ and found it quite engaging.

the problem with audio shows is the wiring in use is often well above entry level or even mid level fare.

if at this point i had to throw $$$$ into the wind hitting and hoping so to speak I’d likely opt to pitch it at the atmosphere line from Synergistic but I will check out what I can about Triode and some others mentioned here.

Take a look at this Canadian company, that sells direct in US: 


No BS, terrifically built cables at affordable prices for what they offer. Basically three tiers for each line, you can build a loom with either one. Other than "SilverDart" line (Graphene dielectric & shielding when used), the other two tiers are very affordable.