who makes your fav cable loom in 2021?

hello all,

its that time again and there is a need for new wires. interconnects and speaker cables as I begin arranging a new system.

power cords should be addressed first IMO but they will have to wait a little while.

this time around I’ve decided to go with one maker rather than dive into the questionable sensebility of mixing and matching brands and or models of cables.

I’ve been out of the loop for a while so I’m asking the forum to share their eXP on who and what is around which doesn’t break the bank but does deliver the goods!

the current budget has set $1K to $2K per, for ICs and I’ll need two pair SE, and the speaker cable length is as yet still up in the air and depends on the final set up, but I’d prefer to keep the same brand and model there as the ICs probabgly.

I do not have a real issue with preowned cables but finding several of differing types though the same brand and model could be an issue… we’ll see I suppose.

FYI, Its an all tube powered, rig. Zanden amp, Thor line stage. it will be a digitally sourced streaming outfit albeit the front end is as yet one more question mark.

I am leaning towards the Aurolic G2.1 streamer and Bricasti DA. the jury however is not back with its verdict.

for the moment, the speakers are an easy IMP pr of JA Graphine Pulsars which also have a pr of SVS 3000 subs augmenting them.

Thank you all for your thoughts and insights.

Take a look at this Canadian company, that sells direct in US: 


No BS, terrifically built cables at affordable prices for what they offer. Basically three tiers for each line, you can build a loom with either one. Other than "SilverDart" line (Graphene dielectric & shielding when used), the other two tiers are very affordable.
Using an entire loom from Audio Art Cable.  Honestly, I could not be more pleased with my system using all of Rob’s cabling.  I have had dozens of brands and price points here and this is the best loom to date.  Strongly suggest emailing or better yet calling Rob Fritz to discuss your system components / budget and he will steer you in the best direction.  From entry level to SOTA he has things covered.
Darwin cables. Take a look at their specials section if you want to save some money. Lots of vendors use their cables at audio shows so their gear can sound their best. For awhile, they had the fastest capacitance of any make out there. Great guys to talk to.

All the best,