who makes your fav cable loom in 2021?

hello all,

its that time again and there is a need for new wires. interconnects and speaker cables as I begin arranging a new system.

power cords should be addressed first IMO but they will have to wait a little while.

this time around I’ve decided to go with one maker rather than dive into the questionable sensebility of mixing and matching brands and or models of cables.

I’ve been out of the loop for a while so I’m asking the forum to share their eXP on who and what is around which doesn’t break the bank but does deliver the goods!

the current budget has set $1K to $2K per, for ICs and I’ll need two pair SE, and the speaker cable length is as yet still up in the air and depends on the final set up, but I’d prefer to keep the same brand and model there as the ICs probabgly.

I do not have a real issue with preowned cables but finding several of differing types though the same brand and model could be an issue… we’ll see I suppose.

FYI, Its an all tube powered, rig. Zanden amp, Thor line stage. it will be a digitally sourced streaming outfit albeit the front end is as yet one more question mark.

I am leaning towards the Aurolic G2.1 streamer and Bricasti DA. the jury however is not back with its verdict.

for the moment, the speakers are an easy IMP pr of JA Graphine Pulsars which also have a pr of SVS 3000 subs augmenting them.

Thank you all for your thoughts and insights.
Not sure I believe cables on ever evolving sound improvement continuum. Only material improvements in metallurgy and dialectics, or construction design would account for sound quality improvements. I'm aware of graphene which some claim to result in improved sound. Please inform us to any other manufacturer claims that are in fact true innovations.

@Doug S
I noticed finally the cost  for each tier or perhaps better put, constructs albeit I've found nothing specific aattending to the actual 'voice' or attributes of the differing metal typess being offered... TPC; OFC; CCC.

it seems to me these subjective notes upon those factors which can not be meassured, ought to be penned. at least in general terms. otherwise why opt for an IC costing more than tripple the price of the least expensive 'entry level' link?

0more learned or experienced audio nuts than myself might be able to extrapolate from the maker's own  electronically measured findings the sonic characteristics for each bundle of Iconoclast  links but I can not . 

any input on the sonic signatures of each variation from entry level to the upper end would be sincerely welcomed!

thanks so very much. 
Jim, simply put, the three lines of cables are all designed similarly, according to modeling and measurements done by Galen Gareis, who, if I recall correctly, was not just an engineer, but head of development at Belden. Audiophiles should rejoice that here in 3 different price categories one finds the optimum design offered, not two compromised designs and one optimized. The geometry and construction is the same in all 3, which is very rare for a cable company. 

Though I have not compared in my room all three, just the top of the line, Galen explained it to me as the cables having three levels of refinement/definition. There is not a skewing toward different sonic signatures, as happens when the geometry and construction as well as conductor material are changed. The sonic signature is similar in all three, but the degree of refinement improves as one goes up the line. 

Just this past weekend I tried three different sets of power cords again on the Legacy Audio i.V4 Ultra Amps, just to see if I could get improvement with the rest of the Iconoclast set. Nope; the affordable Belden BAV power cords match the best with the Iconoclast cables. Best focus and resolution without stridency, and lovely tonal balance. 
Don't expect that kind of result merely by slapping some of the BAV power cords into a mixture of cables. If you're not using a set of cables, you're making a mess. Maybe a nice sort of mess, but a mess nevertheless.   :)

Perhaps I misunderstood Blindjim's question, I assumed he was asking about new model cables introduced in 2021. Whether my assumption correct or not, I question evolution of of cables in regard to sq. Is it marketing or real innovation driving new models of cables?