who makes your fav cable loom in 2021?

hello all,

its that time again and there is a need for new wires. interconnects and speaker cables as I begin arranging a new system.

power cords should be addressed first IMO but they will have to wait a little while.

this time around I’ve decided to go with one maker rather than dive into the questionable sensebility of mixing and matching brands and or models of cables.

I’ve been out of the loop for a while so I’m asking the forum to share their eXP on who and what is around which doesn’t break the bank but does deliver the goods!

the current budget has set $1K to $2K per, for ICs and I’ll need two pair SE, and the speaker cable length is as yet still up in the air and depends on the final set up, but I’d prefer to keep the same brand and model there as the ICs probabgly.

I do not have a real issue with preowned cables but finding several of differing types though the same brand and model could be an issue… we’ll see I suppose.

FYI, Its an all tube powered, rig. Zanden amp, Thor line stage. it will be a digitally sourced streaming outfit albeit the front end is as yet one more question mark.

I am leaning towards the Aurolic G2.1 streamer and Bricasti DA. the jury however is not back with its verdict.

for the moment, the speakers are an easy IMP pr of JA Graphine Pulsars which also have a pr of SVS 3000 subs augmenting them.

Thank you all for your thoughts and insights.
blindjim, you asked, "would you say it is likely the aspect of diminishing returns is applicable as well to the presumably good, beter, best levels of refinement inherent in each modle?"

As I have not heard all three levels of Iconoclast Cables, I am not in a position to answer that question. One must have an experience with a product's different models to be able to discuss whether there are diminishing returns as the higher models are considered. What would constitute diminishing returns? Different performance levels, performance relative to another set, or performance relative to a subjective pricing schema? The entire question is fraught with difficulties and a great deal of subjectivity. I prefer to discuss what set of cables outperforms other sets of cables, and the sonic characteristics of the cables. "Diminishing returns" doesn't really convey any usable information.  :(

Would I expect Iconoclast to suffer diminishing returns more than any other cable when moving up a product line? No, I would not. 

Hi Doug,
Many thanks. anecdotal and subjective feedback comprise the wealth of the rhetoric, choices, topics, who’s hat is in who’s camp, tubes vs sS and vice versa.

I sort of thought, after the fact your response would come back as you posted. No problemo.

I agree on leaning hard on personal eXP as to what is truly better and not merely different. albeit even than to convey such an account in many instances the contributing factors not being told but which are influencing the presentation, e.g., the room itself,the ancillary goods up or downstream, individual preffs, how pedantic a hobbyist is, are they gear hounds or easily satisfied? etc.,

loads of circumstances can muddy up those waters a bit or a lot when one gets him or her self sold on the whatever piece as being better or best.

best for them?

best to date?

better is the objective. of course but how much better and for what price, as cost will always be a factor for the majority of hobbyists.

the threshold of diminishing returns is a given. Only its actual impact is the question.

ultimately one has to pull the trigger on something at some point to find out where truth and honesty reside in any component. As the costs escalate just putting your finger on the trigger, let alone pulling it also escalates anxiety levels and might preclude ever truly resolving the matter..

iconoclast have sure peaked my interest so … maybe… just maybe.

we’ll see.

tremendous thanks
@blindjim - re:...
Exact ah mundo! what are you using now. that’s all. thanks.
I am using the Helix Image (Air) as posted on my web site
  • with the double Live wire and a single helix neutral wire
  • all wire is UP-OCC copper
  • the live wires are bare UP-OCC copper each inside their own Teflon tubes
  • the neutral on the power cables is stranded UP-OCC copper with Teflon insulation
My choices reflect
  • what I am personally prepared to spend on "wire"
  • what provides the best "Bang for the Buck" to my ears
  • my own personal threshold of diminishing returns.
I have tried other fabrication options like the Double/Double neutral variant and Mundorf Solid Silver live wires for the Live, but found they provided less benefit than I thought they might be capable of.
  • UP-OCC solid silver might be an option that caould provide a significant boost in performance 
  • but that's way beyond this mere mortals budget

Other prefer the Double/Double approach and on more capable systems, they appear to convey the benefits better than on my own system.

Other brands of power cable I have auditioned include
  • Van den Hul
  • DH Labs
  • Furutech

Hope that helps - Steve