Who out there wants to, or has, validated an amazing cable find?

I own a very decent audio system and have slowly been moving up over the last several decades weeding out less-natural sounding equipment and focusing on best sound for my money (what I can afford). My current gear is a collect of Quad, Pass, Klyne, VPI, soekris and a fairly large collection of Kimber, audio quest, Furutech, Cardas, Straightwire, DH Labs cables built up over time.

I have come across lots of high-priced gear that isn't faithful to the music. My reference has always been unamplified voice and instruments and attend such concerts regularly though they are hard to find (but still easy if you live near a major city).

It always a pleasure to come across gear that is low priced and exceeds higher priced gear when it comes to faithful reproduction of music holding to the live unamplifed sound standard.


I have recently purchased some ATAUDIO cables from Aliexpress that have left me stunned due to low price and performance. Recommended by another audiophile who seemed credible and owned good equipment so decided to give them a try.

A $26 1 meter ATAUDIO copper interconnect cables is running neck and neck my Cardas Clear interconnects and beaten my Cardas clear Cygnus interconnect cables when it comes to clarity, lack of edge and sibilance, warm open holographic sound reproduction. 

Would someone here with a good resolving audio system give one of the ATAUDIO cables a try? The price is noise for us who have invested in decent (high-end) audio system.

ATAUDIO power cords and Interconnects have proved amazing. About to try their speaker cables. I would not recommend their silver cables. I tried them and while they sound more robust and full than their copper cables the silver cables have the a high frequency edge similar to other silver cables I have heard.

Just looking for couple of regular posters here to give the ATAUDIO cables a try.
Can't resist passing along an audio bargain.

If you don't believe in cables making differences please don't post here and go do something else as you have already found your happiness. 


*Audioquest Hurricane High Current, 15A, power cable used on my DAC.  I know, this cable isn't recommended by Audioquest for source components, but it works just fine and sounds absolutely Incredible on my DAC!!! 

*JPS Labs Aluminata power cable used on my integrated amp.  Initially, I tried this power cable on my DAC, but it turned out to be a game changer on my integrated amp instead.  Incredible!!! 


All of my ic's are from Koldingaudio (eBay). They are smooth, open, and dynamic. They are digital RCA for my cdp, AEB/EBU streamer to dac, and XLR DAC to my Luxman class A. The lowest cost cable was $8 delivered, and the most expensive was around $23 delivered. They are all OCC, and the digital RCA is OCC silver plated. Very well pleased, and I am not looking to replace any of them.


If it’s for free, I could use some 5 meter XLR cables, My 3 meter XLR’s are being overly stretched!

This isn't a purchased cable per se, but because it was an inexpensive experiment, so I gave it a go.  This was to connect Maggie MMGs to a modded Hafler DH 220.

While not the end all be all by any stretch, I was fairly blown away by the sound this DIY speaker cable produced.  I'm certain it would be pooh-pooh'd by many, but hey.  So what.  I believe my seasoned, trained ears.  I was also able to find a cord with a white sheath, so that made it somewhat attractive as well.  


I'm not currently using the ones I made, as I stuck in a beefier amp so came up with some new cable, but was looking at them the other day and was considering swapping them in for the single-conductor 12-gauge wire I'm using right now (to good effect, I might add) just to see how they measure up.