Who out there wants to, or has, validated an amazing cable find?

I own a very decent audio system and have slowly been moving up over the last several decades weeding out less-natural sounding equipment and focusing on best sound for my money (what I can afford). My current gear is a collect of Quad, Pass, Klyne, VPI, soekris and a fairly large collection of Kimber, audio quest, Furutech, Cardas, Straightwire, DH Labs cables built up over time.

I have come across lots of high-priced gear that isn't faithful to the music. My reference has always been unamplified voice and instruments and attend such concerts regularly though they are hard to find (but still easy if you live near a major city).

It always a pleasure to come across gear that is low priced and exceeds higher priced gear when it comes to faithful reproduction of music holding to the live unamplifed sound standard.


I have recently purchased some ATAUDIO cables from Aliexpress that have left me stunned due to low price and performance. Recommended by another audiophile who seemed credible and owned good equipment so decided to give them a try.

A $26 1 meter ATAUDIO copper interconnect cables is running neck and neck my Cardas Clear interconnects and beaten my Cardas clear Cygnus interconnect cables when it comes to clarity, lack of edge and sibilance, warm open holographic sound reproduction. 

Would someone here with a good resolving audio system give one of the ATAUDIO cables a try? The price is noise for us who have invested in decent (high-end) audio system.

ATAUDIO power cords and Interconnects have proved amazing. About to try their speaker cables. I would not recommend their silver cables. I tried them and while they sound more robust and full than their copper cables the silver cables have the a high frequency edge similar to other silver cables I have heard.

Just looking for couple of regular posters here to give the ATAUDIO cables a try.
Can't resist passing along an audio bargain.

If you don't believe in cables making differences please don't post here and go do something else as you have already found your happiness. 


@sudnh  Thanks for checking with me! I haven't done a very good evaluation so far. My initial (and subjective) impression was that they were very similar to my Morrow MA4 cables. After several days of listening I replaced them with the Morrows, and I maybe heard better treble definition with the Morrows. Unfortunately it is a pain to swap cables with my setup, and I still want to do a better evaluation.  This is funny, and I broke my ground rule of not buying cables that are clearly knock-offs; I didn't know Ortofon was an actual brand, so I guess these cables are knock-offs of some Ortofon cable :)

@sudnh The last couple of nights I did some testing, and the results of my subjective evaluation is that the Ataudio cables sound fuller with more bass; the Morrow MA4 have a bit more detail (FYI my Morrow cables have the less expensive RCA plugs). Overall very happy with these Ataudio cables, and if I had to choose I would pick them over the MA4s. Again, this is based on my subjective impressions with my equipment, ears, room, etc.

I ordered the 2 power cables @knownothing suggested, and they should arrive within the next 2 weeks.

I am lately very impressed with the Mogami bi-wire speaker cables. I was using older Audience AU24 single wire, which is my go to cable, but I wanted to try a bi-wired cable and after a few weeks, I’m hearing surprisingly good things. Jury is still out, but I think the Mogamis are very good. BTW, I got them from Performance Audio with right angle bananas on the speaker side so they fit nice and flat against the speaker. They do very nice work.


Great to hear. I think as you move up the audio chain to better components the Ataudio interconnects will hold up well. As I noted in my OP I have much pricier cables that are well regarded in high-end circles and was quite surprised this vastly less expensive cable held up. Does indeed bring up questions on prices for high end cables.

I would also recommend the Ataudio power cables. I tried these and was surprised at the results. Perhaps you are game for another experiment 😀?



Don’t disagree overall. When it comes to electronics bargain units that hang in there with good high priced components are quite rare. Its often the unit is overpriced compared to its nearby competition.

But with cables? Yes the top end stuff is amazing that I have heard but is unobtainium for most of us including me.

I play in the $1500 to $2000 per run for cables. To find a low priced (sub $100) cable that hangs in there is a good find and plausible since there isn’t a mountain of electronics circuitry and assembly involved. In fact it is most likely these low priced manufacturers have got their hands on high quality cables and connectors which don’t cost very much to make but with high end manufacturers you are paying for their IP.