Who owns / owned a First Watt F4, and what are your experiences with it ?

I am looking for 1st hand comments on the amp, not from what you have read, thank you very much. And, Happy New Year. Always, MrD.


@armstrod ​​@paullb Thank you for the responses, as any 1st hand information is helpful. My best, MrD

@armstrod @paullb and anyone else interested. I have owned a few rawsonte diys in the past, but never bought them from Tim himself....always 2nd or 3rd owner, some NP designs, and some chip designs. My experience with those particular amps of Tim’s, I always like, in sq, and in the builds, especially at the low cost to me. BTW, I have followed rawsonte for years, and defended him several times, against some trying to shut him down. He is not building these to make a profit, as much as break even, for his next project. I am asking to not bring this stuff up, even tho I did. Not the part of my story here....I did buy an F4 clone from Tim recently, and I have to say...in combination with my Usher P307A, I am hearing a greater amount of micro and macro dynamic shadings; a closeness and intimacy to the performances, and just more musical, acoustical and technical information from the recordings. The staging and presentation sound big, and everything is beyond the system. Everything I have listened to, except for my "Eddie Gomez" on the Denon label, leaves me with more available clockwise adjustment on the Alps pot. With the "EG", it is fully open ( and to be honest, another turn or two would have been great ). And what a quiet background. Zero, Zilch, Nothing, coming out of my Lascalas, except what is on the recordings. Having this F4 clone ( Tim did an awesome job with this one ), I could not be happier.....only time will tell. Possibly more to come. My best, MrD.

Nelson Pass' FirstWatt F8 does a great job driving Focal Aria 9xx and Spendor A1 speakers - from experience.