Who remembers the Dahlquist DQ-10's?

My first pair of "high-end" speakers.  Power hungry critters but what I would give for an updated pair.  I powered these with a Peavey CS-400 and a Maccomack Deluxe Line drive passive preamp!!  Those were the days!  Young and dumb I suppose?
in high school we used to listen to a pair with Crown amp and Thorens TT

looking back it was pretty colored and weird (tiny) imaging but we were in heaven at the time
I still have a pair.  I spent 4 months completely restoring them.  Even the old vinyl wrap was removed and new wrap was installed.  Bass drivers were re-foamed by Regnar.  I had a custom woodworker friend of mine take the original wood sides and make exact templates and then make all new sides out of solid Purpleheart.

I even designed custom solid steel stands and had them custom welded and added Purpleheart trim pieces.

Wish we could add pictures because these came out really nice and are stunning both visually and sonically. 

I had many offers to sell them, but probably never will.  I personally have so much time and effort in them, them seem kinda like family.
phil- That's when I first heard them.  Seems like yesterday, although in the late 70's.  Funny how everything high end was a $1000 back then.

Mofi - yes, a photo would be sweet