Who remembers the Dahlquist DQ-10's?

My first pair of "high-end" speakers.  Power hungry critters but what I would give for an updated pair.  I powered these with a Peavey CS-400 and a Maccomack Deluxe Line drive passive preamp!!  Those were the days!  Young and dumb I suppose?
I have a pair of DQ 10s recently upgraded by Regnar. I was using an APT Holman amp and pre-amp to drive them but those trusty machines are failing. Without going to great expense, what would be an apt, and readily available, replacement for the APTs? I live in Manhattan. Many thanks in advance for guidance, esp to 'mofimadness" if this post connects. 
Dalhquist factory was about 10 minute walk from my home.I drove them crazy with my visits and questions .Although I loved the speakers I couldn't afford a quality amp needed to drive them.
If I recall correctly I purchased AR 9"s instead  (big mistake)

dd44, I replaced my Apt Holman with a Counterpoint 5.1.
That was my venture into the land of tubes.

Springreen,I remember Jerry(very nice guy) and listening to the original Linn table at Hi Fi Haven.

Yes, I also remember Hi-Fi Haven.  I purchased my DQ-10's there and Acoustats X's as well.   Jerry was a wonderful salesman.   Anyone remember the "Great" Jim Foley and his Infinity Servo-Static 1A's????

rwd (Rick)

After KLH and Bozak 301 I moved up to a used pair of DQ-10s circa 1977, mirror imaged, factory tweaked x-over and a M&K sub. Technics DD turntable, Grace 707, Shure V15 yada yada. The acoustics in the living room were good too.
Every scratch, every speck of dust, or static drove me nuts. That piezo electric tweeter made me give up on HI-Fi for a number of years. I sold the whole thing and found temporary happiness with pedestrian Infinity RSBs, Thorens and Stanton 681.
213cobra Phil,

Hi.  I used to live in Pittsburgh and visited Opus One frequently.  At that point, I just couldn't afford what I wanted and then they ended up going out of business.  From what I remember, Tasso powered DQ-10s with a Kenwood L-07M and a Kenwood L-07CII.  However, I can't remember what subwoofer he used.  Was it an Acousat?