Who remembers the FULTON cables?

Back when I was a teen starting in this hobby, I remember that there was speaker cable by FULTON that was so thick, people referred to it as "welding" cable. Does anyone know what it sounded like? I would think rolled off with powerful bass. Perhaps diameter-wise, some of today's cable is even thicker.
One important fact not mentioned above is that Fulton's cables all came in precise lengths which were multiples of 57" (plus a small fraction). This was true of both interconnects and speaker cables. The speaker cables worked out to roughly 14' and 28' and the interconnects were 57". There was a major controversy at the time as to whether the Fulton cables would sound as good if they were a different length. I remember reading in Stereophile many years ago that one Fulton owner had trimmed a foot or so off his Gold speaker cables and reported that they then sounded just like zip cords but with better bass. I never had any Fulton wires in my system due to the cost, but I heard them many times in other systems with Fulton speakers.
Yes! Had them on a set of Beveridge speakers. Very grainy. Cables have come a long way since then.
I believe it is Dennis Fraker of Serious Stereo who also dotes upon the 'correctness' of that 57 1/4" length (or multiples/divisions thereof). I myself can neither confirm nor deny.
I have had a bunch of this cable for years haven't used them them in years . I have a ton of it like 8 - 8 foot cables 4 sets I put new heavy lugs on one end and banana plugs on the others I used to use them in a bi amp and they were great for bass. I just swapped some stuff around on my system so I pulled them out and put them on. bass is very good I must say. but not sure about the rest seems ok. but lacking in highs and detail I would say. I will swap to other cables tomorrow or later and compare. if anyone has a use for this stuff you pay shipping and you can have it. it has to weigh 30 lbs I bet 20 for sure. 
Funny thing is I own a pair!  Just pulled them out of storage.  Not sure what to do with them.  Greenish color jacket, very heavy and stiff.  Any suggestions?