Who's using Harbeth with tubes, what speaker model and how many watts per channel?

Curious what current consensus is regarding the above question.

Thank you.
I drive my P3ESR with a Cary SLA-70 Signature (EL34) in a medium sized room (4x5 meters) quite damped (lots of forniture); along with a small low-end sub, kept at a very discrete level.
Without modifications the Cary was not enough silent for my way of listening: mostly near-field with plenty of hours at very moderate background level while working, especially during night hours. Despite the low P3ESR sensitivity, the ripple noise was unacceptable for me. I had to add another LC filtering stage (50uF + 300mH) and now the noise, even if not totally nulled, is no more noticeable just from very low music levels.
When I take a break and decide to raise the volume, the Cary + P3ESR presentation is superb, relaxed, full and just correct. Highs shine and sparkle but never become sharp. Medium range is one, if not the best, I have ever had in my home. Voices are astonishing. Listening to Soul and R&B is just a joy. Retro Synthwave is the genre that mostly reveals the unbelivably spaciousness of P3ESR + Cary combo sound.
Even when reaching neighbours lawsuit levels, the Cary is never in short of power. Still have to reach distorsion threshold.
I moved to SLA-70 after having lived with some SS: Cyrus Q-Power, Quad 306 and even a vintage Scott Stereomaster. I will never turn back.
I own the 40.2 Annie’s and I just upgraded my Berning LTA amp to the Berning Quadrature z which is 220 wpc.  Whoa!!! is the only adj to describe the impact but only on certain songs have I noticed a significant increase in dynamics. 
Update: I ended up buying the Luxman 550 AX/II to drive my Compact 7 ES gen 3's. It was pretty good, but I've since moved on. I'm thinking tubes, but as suggested above, I'm feeling there should be some power on tap. Maybe 75 watts using KT 88's, or more w/ KT 150's. I was really thinking about selling this system, but I want to give the C 7's another shot. 

I use 2 MC275 VI's strapped mono with my 40.3's...and the sound is amazing...although bass has become less defined and the overall sound has less impact compared to other SS monoblocks I have used with them in the past (MC601's).  It really is give and take.  You want more impact from your 40.x Harbeths, feed them high current...they never felt strained one bit with my 601's.  If you want a warmer midrange with softer highs, go tubes.

harbeths imo do best with solid state due to their desire for strong woofer control/damping factor, so tube amp aficianados are well advised to use tube amps that provide that...  an extended treble response from the amp benefits the speaker too, as they tend to add warmth of the music played through them