Who's Your Favorite Bass Players; Why?

I like Paul Chambers for his groove and arco. Sam Jones for his Time. Rufus Reid becaues he taught me. Jaco because of the absolute passion. Christian McBride because he's the MAN righ now--and he's the director of the Brubeck Institute at the University of the Pacific, which is my Alma Mater; Ron Carter because of everything he's recorded; George Maraz because of his soul; Richard Davis because of his intensiity; Reggie Workman due to his authenticity; Lonnie Plaxico because of his work with he Jazz Messengers; Scott LaFaro--BECAUSE HE'S THE BEST! (Eddie Gomez and Chuck Isreal are cool, too!). Who're you 'un?
Alain Caron formerly of the jazz fusion band Uzeb (Montreal based band). Alain is a musician's musician and listening to any of his later solo releases will make you realize what real musicality can be extracted from this instrument. Jaco's spirit lives on in Alain for sure.
for a smorgasbord of good rock bass players, check out the two "Deep End" cd's by Gov't Mule, which Warren Haynes and Matt Abts made with a variety of bass players, after their friend and band mate, bass player Allen Woody, passed on. While you're at it, also check out their earlier stuff with Allen Woody on bass.
got to give Michael Manring a shout out here.Not saying he is my favorite but he deserves a mention with some of these greats.He has taken the instrument in a direction i have never heard anyone take it with his solo work.That Government Mule set really is a good smorgasbord Mitch2,i agree.Quick shout out to Chris Squire and Phil Lesh as well.Both of these players added their own voice to this instrument that is unmistakeable most times.Phil has an orchestral sensibility which he intersperses with pure improvisations.Love the things he has done recently with Phil and Friends and the music that has come from him post Grateful Dead(although i loved his playing with them as well of course).Also, way Squire plays some of those lines and sings unbelievable harmony at the same time is astonishing to me.JACO!! had to shout that too -talk about an innovator : )
Oscar Pettiford-just beautifull stand up lines.
and the list of jazz standup bass giants could go on and on.Oh and the way Jack Cassidy twirls those lines around a guitar is pure beauty-can't leave him out as a great.alright enough of my opinion