Who's Your Favorite Bass Players; Why?

I like Paul Chambers for his groove and arco. Sam Jones for his Time. Rufus Reid becaues he taught me. Jaco because of the absolute passion. Christian McBride because he's the MAN righ now--and he's the director of the Brubeck Institute at the University of the Pacific, which is my Alma Mater; Ron Carter because of everything he's recorded; George Maraz because of his soul; Richard Davis because of his intensiity; Reggie Workman due to his authenticity; Lonnie Plaxico because of his work with he Jazz Messengers; Scott LaFaro--BECAUSE HE'S THE BEST! (Eddie Gomez and Chuck Isreal are cool, too!). Who're you 'un?
Laura Ballance of SUPERCHUNK fame. If you've ever seen her play live you know what I mean - her bounce around is better than a Box Furniture Co. D4A rack!
Slightly OT, but related.

Richard Thompson has composed a song cycle call "Cabaret of Souls" that is designed to showcase the double bass skills of (unrelated) Danny Thompson. They are touring with a limited # of performances (LA on Nov 19). Fans of the instrument may want to investigate.

i don't believe anyone's mentioned my fave, andy fraser (free). not the most technically proficient player, but among the most unique--he plays bass like a lead guitarist; more melodic than rhythmic, kinda trebly, fast without being flashy. check out "all right now" or "fire and water". i also think paul simonon (clash) is underrecognized--his style is extremely basic, almost primitive, but he's got the dub/white boy reggae feel down; social context and songwriting smarts aside, the clash records always sound great, and i think that throbbing, pulsing bass is the key.
Who ever played bass for Robin Trower because most of the songs really hinged on a bass riff as much as a guitar riff.

Did anyone say John Paul Jones? Some one came close by naming Zepp's drummer. (hehhehe) Anyway I thought JPJ was really great and lent allot to the Zepp sound and I think Jimmy Page at one time addmitted that JPJ had the most musical knowledge in the band, or it was page and jones that did most of the techincal stuff.

Any bass player in a rock trio (as zepp really was because Plant never played anything) needs to really pull double duty as a rythem and bass player. Like someone mentioned M Anthony from Van Halen who was more like playing rymthem guitar and lead bass allot. imo