Who's your guitar daddy now?

Check out this video:

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If you want a sense of how young Mayer is, check out his bandmates in the
JM Trio. I suspect that Pino Palladino and Steve Jordan are each twice his age.
In this company, he's a kid. He may be long in the tooth for a pop star, but
for a traditional blues guitarist, he's startlingly young.

As to stereotypes of audiophiles, it's only in the last few years that I learned
this guy was more than a top 40 heartthrob. That doesn't mean I care more
about gear than music, it means I care more about gear than shitty music. In
the case of JM, I was just late to the party in learning about his broader rep.

OTOH, Richard Thompson was younger than JM when he recorded
"Sloth", so maybe he should be further along in his development.


PS Jordan is great.
Chet Atkins & Michael Hedges. The latter’s “Aerial Boundaries”—specially on vinyl—is simply a staggering tour de force of performance and sound. Atkins couldn't play an ugly sound even if tortured to do so.

"Atkins couldn't play an ugly sound even if tortured to do so."

That's a great line! I'd have to agree with that!

I think he was the first guitar player I took notice of on records when I was a kid and he set a high standard
Funny someone should mention audiophiles at all in this thread, because John Mayer's studio albums are not the best produced by a long shot. The sound is often over saturated and a bit fuzzy - take the sonic peaks on Axis Bold as Love on the "Continuum" disk - not good. I sold my copy of "Heavier Things" because it just didn't sound very good on my system and I don't think the material is as strong as his other releases. For somebody who cares about music as much as he appears to - the lack of finesse in the studio is surprising to me. I still think he plays the guitar like ringing a bell, but most of his stuff is not produced for audiophiles, its more for teenage girls' with iPods...