Who's your guitar daddy now?

Check out this video:

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Here are some of my favorite guitar albums and Artist. Just to name a few, I have many.
PAUL ROSE - THE LEARNING CURVE (acoustic guitar, instrumental & vocals)
PLANKTON - 3 (Instrumental Rock)
MICHAEL LEE FIRKINS - BLACKLIGHT SONATAS (Instrumental, one song with vocals, check out the Theme From Sanford And Son, (the Streetbeater, incredible)
KING HOBO - S/T (Jazz Rock & Blues)
PREACHER STONE - S/T (Southern Rock today)
BLINDSTONE - FREEDOMS CALLING (HEAVY ROCK with solos flying all over the place)
And the list goes on.
This 15 year old kid from France is pretty amazing. This is one of his own if I am not mistaken. Also check out his vid of New Canon Rock on youtube.

Whoa Wwwrecords,

Great dynamic range and feel for the music - shreads like Buckethead or Al D. but also seems to understand how much can be said with one note - like Brian May or David Gilmour. Clearly he understands composition given that he also plays drums and rhythm guitar too. Does he also run the bass lines? Huge upside - also huge personal risks having so much talent so early. I wish him the best!