Who's your guitar daddy now?

Check out this video:

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Mon dieu - there are so many. I feel fortunate to have seen all of the above live. Though I was pretty young when I saw Segovia at Lisner Auditorium in DC and Montgomery at the Cellar Door.

All I really wanted was to go to a Redskins game but thank God my dad's 2nd job was as an organis/choirmaster and my mother was busy sometimes - he dragged me to see many great artists. My sister and I 'dragged' him to see Hendrix. (actually since we were under 18 - we needed an adult to get us in the door of the Columbia Theater).

Hard to pick a favorite though Jeff Beck's work with the Yardbirds (live) still gives me goosebumps.
My favorite is carlos santana. He really knows how to play guitar. Playing is not only a fact of speed, is the sound what many people like.