Who Tried Power Conditioners Over The Years and No Longer Use Them Today, Any Why?

Been thinking back to when I started in Audio and how good the system sounded with no power conditioners or fancy power cords. Then in the '90s slowly they both became a huge profit market for stores and manufacturers of them. If you used one on front end gear only or whole systems I will be interested in your real-world experience you could share with us all. I have a few so I am not against them, but I do at times have questions. 

After using Lessloss's first filter, 2 different Bybees, I stopped on a Torus AVR16 : Air Tight ATM3, pre ans sources all connected to it. End game.


I disagree.

Better cables are ok, but expensive cables are just snake oils.

Phillyb is right.

The filters in most power conditioners can result in "current-starving" of amps which is why many manufacturers recommend plugging their amps directly into the wall outlet. Source components are less demanding current-wise and may benefit from a conditioner. A Furman AC-215A provides surge suppression and line filtering for my FM tuner and CD player.

I bought a power conditioner decades ago. It made a not insignificant difference. 

in my new home, a dedicated line was run directly from the circuit breaker in the mechanical room to my audio room. I've found that the power conditioner still makes a difference but it's quite small. 

Shunyata Denali V2 made a big improvement to my system.  Everyting plugged in including amps.