Who uses ADS Speakers

I worked at ADS in The late 70s and Find they are one of the best home speakers ever.

I always loved their accuracy.


Have run 710's and 910's for nearly 20 years.

710's for vocals and classical.

910's sound good with every kind of music.

For my ear-brain connection and considering my bank account, I have need of no other speakers

Bstbomber. I have only owned the 200’s in my honda civic and still use my L780/2. For a fairly compact speaker the low frequencies are surprisingly present and the mids and highs are still impressive. Sometimes i just play Jimi’s Little Wing just to hear the crystalline bell ring.   My question what ADS have you or would you own and why. 

Have owned the following: l980, l1530, l620, l710, sat 7, s700, l9e and l8e. L980 and the l9e are my favorite, would love to hear the big 2030’s.

I own ADS L1290s and use as my main speakers. I live them. Had the tweeters and mids rebuilt by Richard So, and with the advise of @brownsfan I’m going to start an upgrade of the xovers using premium parts. Running them with Pass Aleph 1.2 at 150 watts, at times I yearn for a bit more bass but nothing bad enough to stop my enjoyment. 

@au_lait, it is likely that you are going to have to live with a roll off at 40 Hz with these speakers. However, it is likely that they are capable of nice tight articulate bass. The printed circuit board seriously compromises performance. If you are able to build a completely new cross over, as I did, you can eliminate the switches that enable bi amping and provide tweeter attenuation. Those switches seriously compromise performance. They are cheap and are now 40 years old. Mine completely disintegrated when I tried to desolder them. I also eliminated the tweeter protection, which made an easily audible improvement. If you don’t drive them too hard, you can probably get away with this. You will probably also get some improvement in low frequency quality by replacing the internal wiring. I used Duelund tinned copper for this.

One of the things I really noticed after my crossover work is the midrange beauty. Very smooth and refined, as compared to my other speakers, both of which use a 7 inch mid-range.

I would encourage anyone who likes the 1290’s and has spent the money to have Richard So recondition the drivers consider a rebuild or redesign of the crossovers. If you are handy with this sort of thing, a complete crossover redesign, like I did will afford a much improved speaker. However, for those who are less ambitious, simply replacing the stock resistors and caps will make a big difference.