Who uses ADS Speakers

I worked at ADS in The late 70s and Find they are one of the best home speakers ever.

I always loved their accuracy.



Yes love ADS speakers !! I have 4 pairs of them all bought brand new from a friend who also worked at the factory in Wilmington. 3 pairs of them are in my home theater to this day ! These are great speakers and I still love listening to them !! OIne of the pairs is the 1290 II otherwise I forget the model numbers

BTW - I've seen you playing numerous times with the B Street Bombers



L570/2 and l470/2, both excellent

 470 had a slightly better midrange imo, but I preferred the 570s overall went a touch lower and more balanced bigger sound. About 200/pair used for each ,perhaps more now


I have a pair of L-570/2s and a pair of L-810s and will not part with either set. The 570s are mated with a Cary SL-100 preamp/PS Audio HCA-2 amp and augmented with a James Loudspeaker S10 subwoofer. Well-balanced and non-fatiguing and just plain fun to listen to. The 810s are harnessed to a Parasound P5 preamp/ATI 1802 amplifier combo, along with a Bag End Infrasub 18. All I can say is that the giddyup-factor is very satisfying. I agree with a previous post that said 810s do not sound good at lower volumes, but at 75-80db, they will put you in heaven.

I bought L-880s in 1983 after extensive evaluations and used them for many years. I originally drove them with a Sony ES receiver rated at 80W/ch IIRC. I had two big epiphanies with them in terms of sound quality. The first was when I moved the speakers from low, wood stands to 30" heavy steel stands with spikes on the base anchoring to a concrete floor. The other was when I switched from the Sony receiver to Adcom electronics (GFP555/GFA555), which seemed to provide the power reserve the Sony was lacking (or something else I haven't thought of). In each case the change was more noticeable better than any change I've made in a hifi system. 

My dad liked them well enough that, to both get the sound and outdo me, he bought a pair of L-1090 floor standers. Both pair are now in possession of my son who loves the sound and the history. He uses the 1090's as one of several speakers that he mixes and masters his music with.

I'm hoping to get the L-880s back from him at least for awhile to compare to the Paradigm and B & W speakers I now have. Perhaps things haven't improved as much as I pocketbook thought they should.

2023 now but, L910's restored, and L710's both in use from time to time in my office system.