Who uses ADS Speakers

I worked at ADS in The late 70s and Find they are one of the best home speakers ever.

I always loved their accuracy.


My neighbor had the ADS studio monitors, rdm-1 or something. A 10" woofer, dome mid and two tweeters with a toggle switch to match the tweeter to standing the speaker or laying it down. He talked me into a pair of ADS L9e that  weren't bad for the size and price, but I did find them a bit bright.

Timely post

My dad has had l810’s since he bought them new in 1980 or thereabouts. 
I grew up with those speakers, he still uses them daily.

In the late 70’s / early 80’s they were paired with a big Technics receiver (I think a 5250) and then in the 80’s with a Carver MX900 receiver and now with a lower end Cambridge 100 watt receiver (axr100 I think).

He’s recently inquired about replacing them with some more detailed bookshelf’s but I’m wondering if it would be worth it do look into a doing some kind of service on them.  They’ve been used a lot for 40 years … but only moved once in one house move and have stayed in great shape.  Sending them to Richard So seems excessive given their size. 
What would be the common approaches to squeezing more years out of these? The drivers / tweeter seem fine , but does it make sense to renew them anyway?

Would it just be a crossover refresh?

If he gets rid of them , I’ll end up with them, so either way I’d like to ensure they are performing best as possible.

any advice appreciated 

pic of his l810 here :



Following up on my post from last week

Does anyone have any suggestions on an approach to assessing / potentially refreshing a 40 year old pair of 810's (which are in great shape currently) ...without sending them to Richard So?