Who wants to discover a Rolls-Royce analog piano LP record ?!... Marcelle Meyer - Debussy

this forum looks fantastic, and I want to share with you an fabulous analog LP discovery.....a kind of "Rolls Royce" not only in the world of "analog publishing", but also in the world of legendary performers: the legendary french pianist Marcelle MEYER plays: DEBUSSY:piano preludes part I and II ; images series 1 + 2 pieces .
( catalogue ref. n° Les Discophiles Français DF 211 - 212 ; edited by a kind of small, artisanal French publisher: FRENCH RECORD COMPANY

- the first important thing here is that this limited edition ( 200 copys ) is NOT a re issue ( as for so many - or should I say most of the analog classical issues ) but a world premiere !.. a first ever issue of a 2-LP album that should have been published around 1958...but was finally deleted.

- the editor has created it exactly the same way it would have been published at the time !..

As an analog collector, I highly appreciate it is an handcraft extremely luxurious production including :
- of course full analog mastering - direct cutting from original mastertapes, with the use of vintage vacuum tubes equipments in the system = ultra rare and legendary Fairchild 670 and Pultec EMH 7 !!.

- the sleeve is an amazingly luxurious red canvas album, with gold embossed letterings, hand made, a craftman production .
They have even re created the same paper for the inner text, same label colors, even same letterings - font as the other old rare records from Discophiles Français edited in the 1950's which are very rare and sought after by collectors : I have compared with the ones I have: this Debussy is like a "brother record", being absolutely identical !

Having a collection of 5000/6000+ classical LP's, in my view this album is probably the most luxurious and amnitous piano LP produced for 50 years ( as being an" original", and not a reissue ).

Many of us are lucky to have superb or top high end audio equipments...dreams ! But I have often been desapointed by : " what do we listen to on this expensive turnables, amps, etc.." ?!
Same statement when I visited audio show :...so many ultra expensive amps, preamp, turnables, speakers.. to play what ? mostly badly pressed records ( sorry to speak frankly ) !
So this magnificent album is for me exactly the kind of record my equipment deserves !! ( and I don'yt have yet the amp. , preamp or speakers I dream of....)... because after all, it's not only about sound..with all these fabulous amps, preamps, turnables or speakers we like, it has also to be about music, otherwise what's use ?!