Who will soon be going to a live concert?

A friend and I bought tickets to see Emmylou Harris on Oct. 5th in Santa Rosa CA. Proof of vaccination is required. I wouldn't go otherwise.
Ozzy, the flu is a different virus every year, much less lethal than Covid 19, and still the vaccination for that saves countless lives.  The only reason that people are arguing "personal choice" is politically motivated misinformation. At this point in time, Covid 19 is a pandemic among the unvaccinated.  The vaccines have been proven to be safe and prevent serious illness and death.  Anyone who doesn't understand that should spend a few hours in a hospital intensive care unit watching doctors and nurses exhaust themselves trying to save people from dying. I don't understand why it's not merely a civic duty to get vaccinated. True patriots were vaccinated months ago.
After Vaccination: Concerned, not Scared.

You can get and spread Covid before symptoms, before you know (or never figure out) that you had it and were spreading it.

Any event can become a small or super-spreader.

I certainly do not want to be any part in passing the virus to someone else, one or many, I would not go.

We went to the Blue Note to see Al Di Meola a few weeks ago, (had accepted the invite months before Delta made things flare up again). The Village was swamped with people, sidewalks narrower than ever, soooo many people without masks. 

Inside, tables were not spread apart as far as we hoped, luckily we were at the end of the upper level, no other tables adjacent. Servers had to lower their masks to be heard over the music. Talking loud 'in your face' you might say. 

Hundreds breathing the hours long accumulated air, applauding, shouting appreciation, it definitely could have been a super-spreader event.

That was it, we went from cautious normal back to cautious, cautious normal. 

Then, on Friday, we were informed that a person who we spent 5 minutes talking to the preceding Sunday (in our narrow entry hallway) had tested positive. We had mingled with only family members since then. Except, oh yeah, I got new tires for Donna's car, talked face to face with several employees, then conversed in the small waiting space. IF I passed it to any of them, just one employee or customer: off it goes. And, our family members, all vaccinated, had mixed with .......

We both got rapid testing, two hours, negative, whew.

Others who have been around this person say "I've been vaccinated", no biggie, and don't get tested or inform anybody the have been and will be around. I find that so irresponsible.

That is scary. 
We just saw Rhiannon Giddens last week. Proof of vaccination required (and checked). And it was an outdoor concert so we felt pretty safe. From her comments, it sounded like this was her first public performance in a long time. And her partner, Francesco Turrisi had a funny story about how difficult it was for him to get a visa. He had to document that he had an extraordinary talent, among other things.
It’s not a pandemic of the unvaccinated, that is what you are told. Look at the numbers in Israel where almost 90% are vaccinated. Look at our numbers from a year ago when no one was vaccinated and compare them to now when almost 60% have the jab. Vaccinated people continue to spread the virus.

From the beginning we should have taken care of the elderly and compromised, promoted treatments instead of vaccines and encouraged a healthy lifestyle. But that never happened. Why? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

The problem I have is that we have been, and continue to be, lied to by the CDC, MSM, and our own government.  

So I’ll leave you guys at it to believe what you believe. See how that works? I don’t care if you get the jab or wear a mask (or two) for the rest of your life. I’m not going to force you to do anything and I’d appreciate the same in return.

I have been to 11 live shows from 9/2020 till this week.  Hospital grade N95 masks on till I was vaccinated, then off, till middle of July, when it was clear Delta was circulating in my area.  The Beacon did a great job not only checking proof of vaccination, for this week's King Crimson concert, but also everyone's IDs to make sure they match the card.  So, the risk of having many virus infected people inside the theater was low (there were probably a few though).  Combined with a good N95 mask (95% effective) (cloth masks are theater (10-50% eff), surgical masks are made to protect the patient, not the surgeon (70% eff)), I was quite safe.

As an MD-PhD scientist with over 40 years of research and clinical experience, with particular experience working on mRNA, I will make a plug for the mRNA vaccines.  They are incredible products.  Game changers for medicine going forward.  They are also super simple at the molecular level.  They have less than a dozen components.  It's just a piece of mRNA and a mixture of fats that encapsulate it, enabling the mRNA to get inside the cells.  As a general rule in medicine, simple has less side effects.

Be safe everyone!