Who would buy a Boulder 3050 amplifier?

Sorry, this is probably a completely pointless thread but I'm just simply baffled by even the existence of such incredible products and real curious about the folks who would feel the "need" to own such a component. Are these made just for bragging rights or there actually components out there - up or down the audio signal, that demand something like this piece. I'm asking this independently from the price tag because there are a lot of very expensive things out there ranging from a gold Rolex to a Ferrari and people buy temp for various reasons. Obviously a $50K Rolex will not keep time any better than a $20 Timex. Are these made to cater to the same type of consumers?
To me I would welcome the possibility of buying the 3060.  I enjoy my 2060 immensely.  It is an awesome piece.  Musical powerful accurate.  The bass is just on point.  The staging is just right.  The extension to the treble is sweet and natural sounding like a good set of tubes.
I’ve owned a Boulder 1060 & 1010 pre. The first thing you notice is the excellent build quality & solid, user-friendly interface. Boulder gear looks and feels like it’s built for a lifetime. It sounds natural, neutral, resolving & has excellent control to my ears. The 1060 really grabbed my Marten Coltrane Alto’s by the scruff after my previous Classe integrated struggled. Joey’s 2060 is even better & operates in pure class A. The current 2100 series takes is still further & is the sweet spot in Boulder’s range imho.

My friend owns a Boulder 3060 stereo amp. That amp is driving a pair of YG Sonja 1.3’s with great success paired with a 2120 dac & 2110 preamp; both awesome pieces. To me, the only idiots who would criticize that kind of setup are wanna be’s who can never afford that kind of gear, or ignorant keyboard warriors.
Dear Friends,
I had the oportunity of listening these massive amplifiers with a pair of Wilson Alexx. Previously the same setup with a Boulder 3060 stereo among other prestigious brands.
Let me tell you that in escence, I couldn't stop listening because I virtually re-discover many of my music. Not only in terms of detail, but also liveness, microdianmics, and musicality. And at a moderate volume. 
So, from my point of view there are extraordinary. 

@melbguy1  Interesting he went for the boulder with YG pairing. I've heard from a YG dealer that he is not a fan of the combination as its a bit too cool sounding.