Whos Going To RMAF 2008 This Year?

Attending the show for the second time this year.Would love to meet some fellow Goners for drinks and conversation at the show.I"m located in West Palm Beach,Florida and will be traveling to the show with my girlfriend who will be no doubt spending most of her time at the mall! She is a trooper as to putting up with all this audiophile, stuff but she has her limits! lol so if your in a similar situation or not would love to hear from ya
"She is a trooper as to putting up with all this audiophile stuff." The best system improvement advice I can give you is to not to get married. Besides you can buy a nice Lamm amp for the cost of an engagement ring.
I have some two for one discount coupons for the RMAF. If anyone would like any let me know. It is a really great show, especially for guys who listen to music. Not a lot of rooms full of capacitors and OEM stuff. (can you get Lamm amp for the price of an engagement ring. Perhaps for the price of a divorce).
I'm a local and have never missed a RMAF. Just gets better every year. Could be a bit of a hassle with two locations, though. Enjoy!
I'm going. Last year was my first time. I go to Denver for work every month or two. Just need to plan it right, and the airfare's paid for!

I'll have a car. AVIS has been spoiling me by giving me an SUV. So if anyone want to venture out a little further for dinner, feel free to hook up with me.