Whos Going To RMAF 2008 This Year?

Attending the show for the second time this year.Would love to meet some fellow Goners for drinks and conversation at the show.I"m located in West Palm Beach,Florida and will be traveling to the show with my girlfriend who will be no doubt spending most of her time at the mall! She is a trooper as to putting up with all this audiophile, stuff but she has her limits! lol so if your in a similar situation or not would love to hear from ya
Here's the ad for RMAF for local Colorado TV.

Hope you guys come by our room in the Conifer One on the main floor behind the elevator to the 5th. floor, not the one to the tower. Amazing how many people don't visit the rooms on the main floor and head right up to the tower. We are going to have the new Playback Design MPS-5 CD/SACD Player. Lots of buzz on agon.
Hey Gents.

Stop by and visit our little oasis also. Ultra Fi has teamed up with us for the event. Link to:

RSAD / Ultra Fi at RMAF.

Perhaps the best part....

We're sponsoring a Corndog Stand out front of our room and we have 225 cases of Corn Dogs so, for FREE, enjoy all you can eat Corndogs, Wadded Beef Rip and some old fashioned Hot Dog Juice!

We were going to give away free Otters to our first 37 guests but Marriott said "No" so....now I'm not sure what to do with these critters.

The music is all from a download I got: a smokin' duo that Glenn Camble and Michael Bolten recorded earlier this year of Guns and Roses covers and a bonus track of them singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" A cappella! The album name is "Run For Cover(s)"