Whose got best class D at this point?

Bel Canto,PS Audio,Redwine what am I missing out there for either hi-effciency speakers like the Redwine Sig 30 (great review in 6moons and sounds like it would be great with Silverlines or my German horn Odeon Tosca's) or for current hungry speakers the PS GCA250 or Bel Canto 300.Think after years of onventional SS and tubes might want to take plunge but want guidepost to best bet for the money.
My Von Schweikert VR-4JRs are driven by Bel Canto M300s and sound fantastic. No interference with radio, plenty of clean power, affordable. I had no dealers to compare other brands, just took a chance. Underwood Wally said I could return them if I didn't like them, but I kept them.

Thanks for the link. That should prove to be an interesting shootout.

The thing that interested me was the lower priced entries. The Little Dot recently sold for $299 on Ebay!
Thanks guys
First Tracer thanks for the shoot out tip.Tgrisham-I know Kal Rubinson (Stereophile reviewer Krl or Kr4 hear at 'Gon) uses the 300 for one of his rigs and ref 1000's for his HT's.Me think that the Bel Canto top pre is cool with adjustable gain and laod of front panle.Next Tracer thankls for the shootout tip.And Spiro I would think thateve though this hobby proves money does not mean results the Nuforce verus the Edge given the porice difference well the Edsge should (pardon me) have the edge.And Nuforce is not a full Clkass D but a hybrid.I wonder about the PS stuff an would like to hear it next to Chanell Island if I need power but with my 94db speakers right now I think that the Redwine 30 (or mono 70's) is the best for my current rig based one reviews.6moons gushed and it was the only non-tube unit to get a best of 2006 award.Now will see if the DEQX catches on and trnasitor and tube amps might go the way of the IBM seletrics and we live in a truly digital world.WEith the new Squueexe boes for Internet Radio (Roku tube feeding recievers)and inexpensive HD music servers (with Wifi)like the Olive plus cheap HD's (last check a Terrabyte was less than $500) it is becoming a digital world.
WOW! I'm constantly amazed at just how the number of manufactures is growing. While the "SHOOTOUT" has fourteen examples and growing some of the major players are missing. It's commendable that their including receivers and integrateds as well as power amplifiers. It will be interesting to see just how they compare these different configurations. So far I've been disappointed with many of the preamplifiers designs by these manufactures.