Why all or most audiophiles are men?

I googled to find an answer but no avail. Something very interesting. 
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I grew up with an audiophile dad. I guess it rubbed off on me. We aren’t surrounded by quality sound these days, and I think the less men or women are exposed to what a sound system can offer, the less interest there will be in general. It’s a shame. I have great memories of going with my dad to audio shows and music sales. I remember one show where every system being previewed was playing Isaac Hayes “Shaft”. The jazz of being around such energy and fun was addictive. It’s never left me. 

So, if that made me an audiophile, then maybe there just haven’t been enough dads hauling their daughters around, exposing them to real music on nuanced equipment. We need to remind everyone that there are wonderful things to hear if we train our ears and care. And take your daughters out to preview some beautiful sounding equipment. They will remember and maybe get hooked. 
Men are very competitive and a bit more compulsive and obsessive about things...  I am a women that loves electronics but I don’t obsess over it and definitely not enough to pay thousands of dollars for cables and better electrical outlets “really guys”. Actually, I am currently looking at a Pass Labs and Verity speakers to buy and taking my sweet time to make the right decision. I started my own thread in Audiogon a few months back under “Best multi channel amp and pro for 2 channel music listening”. I have been researching for months now and taking my time to prevent making an impulsive purchase.  I think we are more practical in that sense and we use our logic for survival more than instinct. It also comes down to being a perfectionist which I consider myself to be and if music sounds better in a 10k amp to me is worth the money, but I d____ better hear the difference. I think there are a lot of women out there that also enjoy this hobby but men have come forward and women have remained in the back ground, perhaps not enough exposure or maybe harshly judged for lack of technical knowledge but we do love music at its best...
You can explain this without putting down men and their hobby in the process. I don't think it makes women smarter, more sane, or conversely make men idiots, or show offs or any of the other ridiculous explanations I've read. I think as maguiar102 says, men are more compulsive about certain things, especially electronics, or cars. But believe me, of you have ever seen some of the women I know talk about the things they're interested in-decorating, their personal appearance, fashion, you would think the same thing.
It's just what we were socialized or wired to do. 
Nice!  I complement all, almost all, on your ability to laugh at yourself.  I am married and this has been the best thread I have seen....lots of smiles and laughs.  For instance, "if you were married, you would know how dumb you are.  I get reminded all the time" and if you disagree on what an average audiophile looks like, go look in the mirror.

We are dorks and geeks in general and the best part is we can laugh at ourselves.  Thanks for the tread.