Why all or most audiophiles are men?

I googled to find an answer but no avail. Something very interesting. 
Nice!  I complement all, almost all, on your ability to laugh at yourself.  I am married and this has been the best thread I have seen....lots of smiles and laughs.  For instance, "if you were married, you would know how dumb you are.  I get reminded all the time" and if you disagree on what an average audiophile looks like, go look in the mirror.

We are dorks and geeks in general and the best part is we can laugh at ourselves.  Thanks for the tread.
Women like to talk. Men like to listen. 
Example: In your experience, how long will a woman remain silent/not check her phone when having a listen to your special system? Not long. - No interest.
Women will have background music, just on low enough to not interfere with the conversation....the TV is often preferred to cover the silence (!? -easier to turn on). Large, expensive speakers are not part of the decor they envision in their very-rarely-used formal living room. ( "Keeping up appearances", -PBS.)
So here's a freebie tip for the marketing department: I once actually suggested this to Gallo/I own Gallo Nucleus Reference -definitley not wife friendly- but with regard to their smaller, affordable, baseball sized sphere speakers on graceful "invisible" spaghetti stands. I witnessed an opportunity to introduce newly weds to great sound at bridal shows! These shows are surprisingly popular, very well attended, but then most women do get married don't they? So, all these excited brides to be are coming to these shows thinking of composing their households and how to spend their money. Now, the booths are probably more affordable than those at audio shows, and there's no competing adjacent sounds. You're sure to be a center of attention & you'd be presenting attractive living rooms with great sound at attractive prices to most of America! Mate with an all-in-one, wi-fi capable, Pandora receiver, and one button gives you "Parisian Brunch"  or "Sunday Afternoon Solo Piano" maybe "Cinderella". You're trying to get in on the entry level of household formation....a "Happy Meal" approach."
 - And here's the kicker: These brides-to-be are all starving themselves to fit into that dream gown. Every one of them...they're starving! These are mostly morning shows, A bowl of potato chips will be sure to keep them around, chatting, in a fun, party atmosphere....with your music.
It’s because men are hunter gatherers. Always have been.

The Hunters and Collectors
The first time I heard this song was in the perfect fit for it..in the hidden gem of a sci-fi film..known as ’The Hidden’. 

It's placement and context/subtext/meaning/innuendo/etc in the film ---is almost beyond perfect.
In addition to my last comment.  If this is what it takes to become volnurable and let out your sensitive side out which is healthy, by all means.