Why all or most audiophiles are men?

I googled to find an answer but no avail. Something very interesting. 
It’s because men are hunter gatherers. Always have been.

The Hunters and Collectors
The first time I heard this song was in the perfect fit for it..in the hidden gem of a sci-fi film..known as ’The Hidden’. 

It's placement and context/subtext/meaning/innuendo/etc in the film ---is almost beyond perfect.
In addition to my last comment.  If this is what it takes to become volnurable and let out your sensitive side out which is healthy, by all means.
@maguiar102, "I wonder if men use music to tame their male harshness.."

Well, looking at some of aggressive chest thumping that seems to be an ever present part of high end audio (also cars, gaming PCs etc) it is pretty safe to conclude you are right.