Why are Ayon tube amps not mentioned very often?

Have been in the tube world for the past few years and I am on my 3rd & best one so far, the Ayon Triton Integrated Amp.  For me it is one of, if not the best looking tube amps I've seen and it sounds fantastic running in Pure Class A!  When I read these forums and tube amps are talked about, it is a lot of the same ones that are mentioned:  PrimaLuna, Quicksilver, Line Magnetic, Acoustic Research, Cary, etc. Since I have not owned any of those, I am curious how Ayon compares?  I am thinking that for almost $10,000 retail that my Triton should compare with the best of them, but why are they not more popular and talked about?  Thanks a lot for your feedback!
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I bought a used Ayon Spirit III a year and a half ago, and I love it.  Best amp I've ever had by a mile.
Ayon makes great sounding components but as you climb up in their lineup, they get quite pricey. 
I bought an Ayon DAC and CD transport this past January.  The sound blew me away.  I never imagined CDs had so much detail/resolution.  I was using an ARC CD player before.  The equipment quality of build is outstanding and they perform flawlessly as in no quirks or hiccups.  I since added the RS9 music server running ROON with USB into the DAC.  Hi res music is astonishingly good.  I auditioned the DCS Bartok and was about to purchase when I decided to try the Ayon gear first.
I do not know of an audio equipment company called "Acoustic Research", but I love my Audio Research monoblock amplifiers. You also left McIntosh off of the list, which dwarfs the marketplace for tube equipment in the U.S. If you like Ayon then enjoy their products!
BiBBLE BABLE I personally love the directness! I enjoy a little more meat on the bone also