Why are Ayon tube amps not mentioned very often?

Have been in the tube world for the past few years and I am on my 3rd & best one so far, the Ayon Triton Integrated Amp.  For me it is one of, if not the best looking tube amps I've seen and it sounds fantastic running in Pure Class A!  When I read these forums and tube amps are talked about, it is a lot of the same ones that are mentioned:  PrimaLuna, Quicksilver, Line Magnetic, Acoustic Research, Cary, etc. Since I have not owned any of those, I am curious how Ayon compares?  I am thinking that for almost $10,000 retail that my Triton should compare with the best of them, but why are they not more popular and talked about?  Thanks a lot for your feedback!
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Also take a look at MasterSound as they are the ones who started out building Ayon amps.
Agree, I have the Ayon Triton III and love the option to use it as a power amp or integrated. Rock solid and sounds great.  I think not more popular because there's only customer service in Arizona and the perception of high cost that keeps people away
Like I said, I am really enjoying my Ayon CD transport and DAC.  If I had more opportunities to audition their amps and preamps I would consider them.  They look fantastic.  I have had Audio Research preamps since 1988 and Pass Labs amps since 2002.  So I stick to what I know.  The Stealth XS DAC can serve as a preamp too.  I have tried it direct but found I prefer going through my Ref 5 SE preamp.  It’s a very small difference.  I still play vinyl and I like the Ref 2 SE phono and Ref 5 SE combo.  
Hey guys, thanks for all the responses. Because Ayon is not mentioned a lot I thought maybe some of the ones that were mentioned more often might be a better solution, so it’s nice to hear that so many people have had such a good results with them. All of the things you said made sense and I’m glad that I asked the community. I appreciate your time and I hope you have a good up-and-coming weekend!