Why are Ayon tube amps not mentioned very often?

Have been in the tube world for the past few years and I am on my 3rd & best one so far, the Ayon Triton Integrated Amp.  For me it is one of, if not the best looking tube amps I've seen and it sounds fantastic running in Pure Class A!  When I read these forums and tube amps are talked about, it is a lot of the same ones that are mentioned:  PrimaLuna, Quicksilver, Line Magnetic, Acoustic Research, Cary, etc. Since I have not owned any of those, I am curious how Ayon compares?  I am thinking that for almost $10,000 retail that my Triton should compare with the best of them, but why are they not more popular and talked about?  Thanks a lot for your feedback!
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I owned a Ayon Spirit mk3 great amp. That was about 5 years ago. Life threw me some curves and I recently put together a new system based around an Aestheix Mimas. Very very happy; tube front end and solid state output. It’s a real keeper! Don’t see any of them for sale either. 😀
I love my Ayon Triton and Ayon CD transport.  I have had countless listening sessions that stretched into hours long and joyful experiences. Beautiful gear that delivers remarkable sound. This rig lifted my speakers to new heights... 

Highly recommended gear, really a joy to listen to and interact with.

The US/AZ distributer is not the best choice for the brand or buyers, who would do better with more regional product support and showroom access. Current presale support is very good, but with gear this heavy, in-home auditioning becomes a three-ring circus without multiple family members to help position the gear on a rack! 
I own a Ayon DAC and transport and it is the best equipment I have owned. An older Ayon DAC I had broke down at 12 years old. I was the 3rd owner. Service was great. Ayon amps are solid built and sound great. I currently own CAT amps. They are 200 pound mono blocks. 
Has nothing to do with the quality of the product. This is a hobby of gear flippers for the most part. RE-SALE value is VERY important. Because of the lack of interest in Ayon (and many other brands) the resale value takes a huge hit from the initial purchase price. If your gonna flip gear often you cant afford to lose 40-50% every year or 2. Thats why many stick to brands that are always in demand REGARDLESS if its the best gear. (Mcintosh/Pass Labs/Harbeth/Luxman etc)
I know if I dont get a really good deal buying brand new (20-30% off MSRP) on stuff I want similar to AYON popularity (JM Reynaud, Graham, Simaudio, Sugden) Im gonna get killed ditching it down the road.  Even at those discounts Im still gonna incur probably a 20% Hit.
Ayon products are excellent. Not much chatter on Audiogon because owners are more interested in listening to their Ayon products then chatting.