Why are People Dumping their Audio Research Gear and What Does it Say about them?

Title says it all. Either you like it and it sounds good or not. What does it say about dealers that are dumping their demos? 

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@bdp24.....absolutely.+..Aavik, Norma, Audio Hungary...Lots of great German and let's not forget the beautiful gear from Italy.....and many others. There's an awful big selection out there in the marketplace..

Audio research build quality is crap vs what it used to be ,the Ref stuff is very good 

this is why they went bankrupt ,they are now owned by anew influx of owners and $$ they were living off their reputation way to long , McIntosh another abuser 

inside parts quality leaves a lot to be desired ,great examples of what moderation can do to make them much better .

passlabs,  Luxman and many others put much better parts quality in which gives you much more for your monies .having owned a Audiostore , and in Audio over 40 years .I look at the build quality now before buying anything ,I think others too hav3 the right to know .This too applies to Loudspeakers inside Rarely do you see the critical Xover parts quality ,Why because the vast majority use average parts at best ,many times capacitirs from China ,and ceramic resistors which IMO are crap 

ho to humble homemade Hifi just to see capacitor  ratings , 

I love my ARC REF6, and wouldn't sell it even if ARC closed their doors.  I'd hold onto it until it died.  Of course, sometimes I wish that I had gotten a solid state pre, just so I didn't have to be concerned about tube reliability, but it would have to sound better than my REF6, and I am not sure what that pre would be or how much it would be.  But ARC is too good a company with excellent reputation and brand recognition to let fade away.  The article on TrackingAngle.com is very positive news.

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Conrad Johnson went through the same thing several years back. I suspect the same will happen with Audio Research.  The company will be bought out and people will still be able to get them. There are electronics Engineers, technicians capable are all over the United States that can repair them.  I would not run away so fast. You might be able to get a real deal on a fine gear made to last a lifetime.