Why are people paying these stupid tube prices?

Just ordered a set of 4 KT150 power tubes for $139.00 each yes it is more than a year ago but $350.00 each $1400.00 for a quad. 

Simply crazy dude. 



The Russian tube plants and companies are American owned.

The money is not in audio anyway, It is in Radar, Microwaves, Sonar (okay that is kind of audio) Diagnostic tool both medical and electrical. Well so I have been told. 


We need American tubes. Any word on new production?

Free market capitalism without government price regulation and the individual freedom to purchase, not purchase or find an alternative. Its all good man (Better Call Saul).

Vendors should price at what market will allow (that is real price).  Apologies if this all sounds insensitive, markets are adjusting and will find their equilibrium based on purchase decisions. But, I totally get the initial shock.

Another movie reference; "sell me this pen."

Um, perhaps you should have mentioned Viva Tubes pricing in your o.p.? I’m with the others… it read poorly. Sorry. Regarding tube prices in general, inflation sucks. Everything is more expensive. But tubes don’t seem too bad overall. Good ones have always been a bit pricy.