Why Are People So Concerned About How Others Spend Their Money?

It's really tiring. Audiophools, Snake Oil, why buy this/that. I don't give a rip what others do, although I like to read about it but none of my business. I'm just not geared that way. People want to buy a Lambo, 10,000 buck cables, 100,000 buck loudspeakers, it's no skin off my nose yet some people are obsessed with what others do. I don't get it. 

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Because so many people can’t fathom why anyone would do anything different from themselves. 

tsushima1- agree. He’s like somebody claiming their $15k Toyota is better than a $1M Porsche (yes Porsche has made $1M cars).

 If you want a laugh, check out the ANA site. If you spend over $5 for a cable or you happen to be an owner of a company that produces better cables, you are chastised.

Who cares how much somebody pays for quality!

As I quoted early one well known test based forum recently totally destroyed the new Bluesound Node, a product that in its various guises is owned and enjoyed by many.  Interestingly the 'tester' never listened to the item merely based the findings on how it measured.  I would have thought that a product designed, produced, sold and used to provide music should be listened to before commenting on its "quality" or lack of?