Why Are People So Concerned About How Others Spend Their Money?

It's really tiring. Audiophools, Snake Oil, why buy this/that. I don't give a rip what others do, although I like to read about it but none of my business. I'm just not geared that way. People want to buy a Lambo, 10,000 buck cables, 100,000 buck loudspeakers, it's no skin off my nose yet some people are obsessed with what others do. I don't get it. 


Because so many people can’t fathom why anyone would do anything different from themselves. 

tsushima1- agree. He’s like somebody claiming their $15k Toyota is better than a $1M Porsche (yes Porsche has made $1M cars).

 If you want a laugh, check out the ANA site. If you spend over $5 for a cable or you happen to be an owner of a company that produces better cables, you are chastised.

Who cares how much somebody pays for quality!

As I quoted early one well known test based forum recently totally destroyed the new Bluesound Node, a product that in its various guises is owned and enjoyed by many.  Interestingly the 'tester' never listened to the item merely based the findings on how it measured.  I would have thought that a product designed, produced, sold and used to provide music should be listened to before commenting on its "quality" or lack of?


If one would like to save money I'd like to help. If not thank for donating to the economy

Late at night, when the community is sleeping, I turn on my stereo, hidden in the basement.