Why Are People So Concerned About How Others Spend Their Money?

It's really tiring. Audiophools, Snake Oil, why buy this/that. I don't give a rip what others do, although I like to read about it but none of my business. I'm just not geared that way. People want to buy a Lambo, 10,000 buck cables, 100,000 buck loudspeakers, it's no skin off my nose yet some people are obsessed with what others do. I don't get it. 


Well I appreciate your 2 cents worth, 4.98 more I could have got a cup of coffee and 2.00 dollars MORE after that would have gotten me a 50 cent donut, with way to much icing on it. :-)

Same difference isn't it? 7.00 dollars for coffee and a donut that cost a dollar, maybe and that dollar would net someone a 100% mark up. 

I forgot the 3.00 dollar tip.. 10.00 dollars for a donut and a cup of mudd. It would almost buy 2 gallons of fuel.

Only in America, ain't it wonderful. Become a billionaire over selling coffee and donuts. If I could sell BS the way some do, I'd be a trillionaire. BTW We are gonna stop the virus, not the economy. Sure you are, ME TOO. Where is that orange guy.

The real problem with BOTH. Neither has a DOG, something is wrong with that.

What presedents didn't have dogs. One had an alligator!

Merry Christmas

People get snippy and angry,….it is jealousy, and the fact they don’t have that coin to spend on an amp, or speakers themselves.


  Anger, snippy,….JEALOUS!

When everyone finds out Confucius was a Dutch tulip farmer are they gonna be really confused.

Why Not

St Patrick was actually a Roman. How did that happen? LOL

I heard both were audiophilers. :-)


In a double-blind A/B test at normal listening levels most people would have a hard time distinguishing between LS50s and speakers that cost 100x as much.  They would, however, immediately be able to tell the difference between the LS50s and  laptop computer speakers.

All bets are off if the program is played at paint-peeling volume levels or the subject gets to look at the speakers.